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Redland Roofing Ltd specializes in providing quality roofing services and solutions in Crowthorne and the surrounding areas. We have an in-house team of industry professionals who have all of the necessary abilities and experience to deliver high-quality roofing work, ranging from repairs to complete new roofing installations.

We are committed to providing our customers with a complete service from initial analysis of your roofing problem to you approving the finished job. As a local roofing contractor serving Crowthorne residents and businesses. We are committed to providing quality roofing at sensible prices.

From the smallest repair to complete roof replacements are given the same amount of thought and care, with the goal of complete customer satisfaction.

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Why Hire Redland Roofing as your Roofer Crowthorne Serving the Local Area?

Redland is fully aware that a roof is more than just a decorative element. In order to keep a home comfortable and structurally sound, a roof must be well-maintained. This requires the assistance of a roof specialist.

In addition to roof repairs, Redland provides assistance with tile and slate damage, repairs to your roof verge, guttering and uPVC, localized leaks, complete roof replacements, chimney repairs, and associated lead work.

Once hired, Redland Roofing as experienced roofers will manage the entire process, from initial inspection and analysis to the final inspection.

After years of specializing in all types and sizes of roofs, including tiled, slate, flat, and fibreglass, we have developed a thorough understanding of how these materials interact and work together. Our roof solutions can be tailored to fit precisely the needs of your roof; future-proof and built to withstand the elements.

We ensure that an in-depth investigation is performed and analyzed in-house before any work is undertaken. With this information, we are able to provide the most accurate written estimate for your convenience

Roof Repairs Crowthorne

Roofing Services Available in Crowthorne, Berkshire


Tile and Slate Roofs




Flat Roofs (GRP, Felt Roofs and Rubber Roofing)


UPVC Fascias






Chimney repairs & rebuilds


Moss Removal

Common problems that Redland Roofing, as a professional roofer, can resolve

A roofing contractor can fix various kinds of roof damage. Among the most common problems are:

  • Damage to the structure
    Roofs, like any other feature of a house, can be damaged over time and require repairs. Redland can address structural issues such as shrinkage of roofing materials, holes, and missing slates or tiles, as well as repairs to verges, fascias, gutters, and uPVC.
  • Leaking roof
    The last thing anyone wants to see is water leaking in from the roof, but it is important to fix the issue immediately to avoid structural damage and mildew. The chimney, flashing points, gutters, skylights, vents, and pipes, as well as seams and material changes, are the most common places where leaks occur. Redland Roofing will carefully assess the source of your leak before providing you with a repair estimate.
  • Weather-related damage
    Without proper management, water can cause extensive damage to a roof. Redland, as a professional roofer, inspects pooled water and clogged gutters. It is possible for heavy rain, ice, and falling trees to damage the roof of your home. Redland, an experienced roofer serving the Crowthorne area, can assess the damage and determine how quickly and effectively repairs can be made.

Redland Roofing may provide a temporary solution, such as tarping to cover any open holes in the roof.

Contact your local roofer serving Crowthorne

With so many roofing companies to select from in the Crowthorne area, you need to make sure you pick one that can work around your schedule and offer your prompt service. That is where Redland Roofing Ltd come in. We keep our pricing sensible, and all our work includes the best quality materials and workmanship for each customer.

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